New research group

I will start my own group at the Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization at the end of 2017. Our research will focus on physical aspects of olfaction to understand how the airflow of inhalation and the properties of the mucus influence our sense of smell. Additionally, we will also continue to work on the physical principles of active droplets.

Please contact me if you are interested in doing a PhD or Postdoc with me.

How does the nose process complex odors?

Schematic of olfaction

How does complexity arise from the interaction of molecules?

Schematic cell

How can cells organize membrane-less compartments?

Schematic centrosomes

How does a bacterium tell time?

Schematic of cyanobacteria and the chemical network driving its internal clock

Research statement

I am a theoretical physicist who is interested in the spatial and temporal organization of biological processes. This organization often emerges from the interplay of many small parts, leading to complex behaviors. I study such problems in cells and tissues using tools from statistical physics, dynamic systems theory, and information theory.

David Zwicker


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